Like the start of many small businesses, Vintage & Books started out of sheer necessity. If you told me 15 years ago that I would be running a business I would have thought you were crazy! I came from a family where you went to school, got a job (a “real” job), and settled down. But that isn’t my story. In my early 20's I had a bad accident.

The recovery was long and slow. While my body recovered within about a year, my mind took a lot longer. Traditional employment was no longer in the cards for me. My only other option was to start a business.

Because of this, I founded Vintage & Books in 2014 to buy and sell used books on Amazon. Being a book lover myself, I loved the idea of being around used books all day! Not soon after, I learned that there is a real book problem in our country.

Far too often books are not going to a good second home and worse yet even end up in landfills!

Since 2014, the team has grown quite a bit and we have branched out as well. Yet, our mission at Vintage & Books remains the same "We find books a good second home any we can." This means we end up giving away more books than we sell. I know, awesome right?

To date, we have found countless books a good second home. But, we are most proud of our charity work. For every product, we sell on our website we make sure a book finds a good second home.

It does not end with books though. Because of our book sourcing network, we also buy items such as sleeping bags, board games, and blankets to donate to homeless and women's shelters.

It was a twisted, winding path to get here but, it is our charity work that keeps us motivated to keep growing the business. Always surprised on how we can help next.

So first, thank you. Thank you so much! None of this can work without you.

We cannot express enough how much your continued support makes this all happen! Please stay in touch and continue to join us in making a difference.

Want to know more? Shoot me an email at steven@vintageandbooks.com; I’d love to chat.